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It`s more than just security.

Join our security membership club and get great benefits:

* Membership discount card

* 24 Hour Monitoring

* Broadband Internet

* Discounts on response services (private security response)

* Discounts on Skylink cameras and accessories  

                   Trusted by hundreds of homes in the Caribbean 

 we’ve partnered with professional service providers to bring you the most affordable home security available.

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Why a smart security system

Home protection and family safety are the primary purposes of a home security system. While this includes detecting burglary, a security smart system also detects a number of other threats. When you pay for professional monitoring, you can know if there’s danger in your home, wherever you are. Our professionally monitored security system will call emergency services for you if a Door/Window, Fire or Medical alert is activated, whether you are home, away, or asleep. 

Our wireless security systems work with a smartphone app, a convenient way to keep tabs on your family and things around the home, the door sensors and motion sensors designed to alert you to someone sneaking around your property can also alert you when your child gets home from school, or tell you whether your elderly mother got out of bed that morning. You also have the advantage of adding cameras to your system, we believe that the first step in protecting your home is preventive security with a monitored alarm system and then the use of cameras for verification to look in on your home or business.


What is 24/7 professional monitoring?

Skylink Security Systems offers 24/7 home monitoring service with their home security plans. This means that a home security professional is ready at any moment to respond to any alerts they receive, from intrusion to environmental hazards. If any activity triggers a sensor, the person monitoring your system will contact you and emergency response.


1. Alarm is triggered

Receive a notification within seconds of an alarm to verify the emergency


2. Emergency is confirmed

 get called by a friendly dispatcher within seconds



3. Help is quickly dispatched

If you confirm or can't respond, first responders are sent to your home or business

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Want an extra set of eyes on the bad guys?

Skylink Home Monitoring becomes even better when you connect our Smart Cameras (sold separately).

✓ See what caused an alarm if you’re away

✓ Collect video evidence to provide to police

✓ Check-in on your home at a moment’s notice

✓ Receive alerts when people are detected 

No DVR Required

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Get Broadband Internet On Us With Your Kover Account

 make sure your home is kovered from front door to back patio and everything between. Regardless how many sensors you choose, you still only pay one fee for monitoring.


Cashless safe and easy payments form anywhere

     Payments are easy and quick using our safe online payment platforms with any credit of debit cards.

                     Protect and save with Kover  

                    24/7 Security Monitoring / Broadband Internet / And Much More.....

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